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Connect with other leaders. Learn healthy, plant-based recipes. Find reliable resources. Feed your mind, body + business.

Feed yourself the same way you feed your business

Remember when working hard used to be all the rage? Well, now we're going to share with you a new trend that we all live by. It's called "working well". Running a business is tough, and it's even more challenging when you're not in the best shape.

If you don't take care of your health, enjoying what you're building is going to be really hard.

At Entrepreneur Meal Plan (EMP), we're committed to making the journey of entrepreneurship a little less lonely, a little more stressless, and a lot more healthy!

Gone are the days of running your body down to keep your profits up.

The EMP community provides resources, support, and processes that help make the journey of entrepreneurship more enjoyable.

We're committed to creating the next generation of leaders who put wellness before work!

This doesn't mean that we want you to neglect your business, though. We just want you to be in the best shape possible as you put in the work!

At EMP, we feed your mind inspiration and motivation, your body plant-based food and recipes, and your business creative networking and reliable resources. 

What's on the menu...

Plant-Based Meal Plans

Eating plants improves productivity, increases focus, and sustains health. At EMP, our meal plans show you how to use simple, nutrient-dense ingredients to make quick, delicious meals.

Trusted Resources

When you have to spend time looking for a vendor or a tool to run your business, you have less time to maintain your bottom line. At EMP, we've collected a group of service providers and affordable resources that will help your business run more smoothly.

A Vibrant Community

Having a network to go to for support, advice, and inspiration is vital for entrepreneurs. At EMP, you'll find a community of like-minded individuals who are on a mission to do life and business well.  

Now that you know what we're serving, here's how we plan to keep you full and satisfied...


Feed Your Mind

Inspiration. Motivation. Meditation. Content.


Feed Your Body

Plant-based recipes. Shopping lists. Cooking demos. Wellness Q&As. Snack suggestions.


Feed Your Business

Networking events. Workshops. Resources.



I'm glad I found EMP! The intern workshop has changed my business in a huge way. The step-by-step systems and tools simplified the process in a way I didn't expect! I highly recommend EMP to anyone looking for support and simplicity.

I've attended various EMP events over the years and have always found them to be valuable and enjoyable. The people are always great, the experience is creative, and the food is delicious. I'm glad they are finally creating an online community.

My eating habits were horrible! I'd work, not stop for food, then eat something that wasn't good for me. I attended an EMP event and had a wonderful meal, met some great people, and received some simple ways for me to prepare healthy meals.

You'll get a Special Treat when you join by February 2022

The Entrepreneur Meal Plan "Food. Feelings. Finances. Journal" will help you keep track of what you eat, what you spend, and how you feel. As an action taker, you'll receive a copy of this journal for free. (VALUE: $29.99) 

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