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Build your business bigger, faster, and more efficiently!

No one told you running a business would be this difficult! But it just got easier, and a lot less stressful. Join an exclusive community of success-driven entrepreneurs taking their businesses to new heights everyday!

What is a Mastermind Group?

Andrew Carnegie had a mastermind group. So did Henry Ford.

In fact, Ford would mastermind with brilliant thinkers like Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and others in a group they held at their winter mansions in Coral Gables, Florida.

You might be asking, why join a mastermind group?

Hill, Carnegie, Ford, and Edison all knew, as millions of others have discovered since, that a mastermind group can focus special energy on your effort—in the form of knowledge, resources and spiritual energy, too.



The Importance of a Networking & Mastermind Groups

Businesses and careers are built on relationships. Relationships form when people meet and interact with each other in an authentic and caring way.

Developing genuine relationships takes work and time. Mastermind Mentees, takes the work out of it and connects you with the group that makes the most sense.

Application are now being accepted for the next session beginning July 2019.


Who Kev “The Brand Man” H.?

Kev founded Stand On Your Brand in 2016. Stand on your Brand is a collective of forward-thinking minds from various industries, looking to build progressive, disruptive and innovative brands. He has been instrumental in creating a global culture of community around helping companies and public figures build their brands. Stand On Your Brand is now a platform of solutions to assist not only companies in growing their businesses and increase their bottom line, but a place for personal growth with access to resources in countless industries.