A monthly series of interactive workshops that show you how to

build and monetize

your digital presence.

Every third Thursday of the month, join us as we spend 90 minutes learning about a new content creation trend and implementing it so it can be used immediately.

No more waiting, its time to get into ACTION!

Are you tired of hearing about all these tools and resources to get your business moving online but have no idea how to use them nor how to use them for your business? Well, look no further, our workshops provide hands-on, personalized training that gets you into action and prepares you to leave the workshop with clear ways to activate what you just learned.

Two industry experts

Our master classes are hosted by two experts. A combination of branding, marketing, creation and strategy are infused in every workshop.

An action focused agenda

Each month we have search the internet, social media, and listen to our community to determine the best tools for creating content and accomplishing your goals.

A community of creators

Working alone is never fun that's why our workshops are done in small groups. This allows you to get special attention and connect with other business owners.


Show up digitally in an intensional way!

Make It Rain from your Brain is a collaboration between marketing and content strategist, Jessica Walker, aka, "JawSpeaksDigital" and brand strategist, Brandy Cochrane. They have joined forces to help business owners stay on top of the latest digital media trends, create a plan that makes sense for their goals and get into action immediately. 

Everyone should be showing up online but not necessarily the same way, these two create ways for you to show up as yourself and monetize your brilliance.

Here’s what people are saying about the "Make It Rain From Your Brain" Series

These workshops are not about theory and consumption. We get into action and hit the ground running immediately following or during the course. Here are some outcomes from one of our workshops.


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Need a Rainstorm Session: Book a Private Session with the Creators

We love teaching group classes and provide a ton of value but we understand that sometimes you want extra private time to get clear about your business, set your intensions, create strategy, organize your thoughts, or find ways to monetize your expertise.

In these 60 minute session, you get to pick the brains of a brand strategist and a digital marketer. We create content and prepare you to show up digitally in a way that feels good and makes senses for you!

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Repurpose Your Content

FEB 18 ,2021 | 6:30PM EST | 3:30PM PST

Content creation can be a lot of work but you probably already have some thing you can use in your phone. As we are now in the habit of documenting everything, let's put all of that content to use. In this Masterclass, you'll learn how to position the content you already have to connect with your audience and consistently show up digitally . 

Tribe Building with Content

MAR 18 ,2021 | 6:30PM EST | 3:30PM PST

When you create content that connects people to each other, you've got something special. People are always on the hunt to find a community that gets them and you have something to bring them together!  In this Masterclass, you'll learn how to use content to build a community. Today's content consumer wants to be part of something more. Leverage your interest, personality, service, or product to find your tribe.