A Letter from the Founder

If you are anything like me, creating and serving feels amazing!

Before I decided to launch EMP, I was ok being known as the person who can make anything happen. And trust, I still can do anything but that’s not a role I’m willing to accept anymore. Problem solving, inspiring people, and activating ideas, truly excites me. I can do them all effortlessly and get a ton of satisfaction but, if I’m being honest, after a while it become exhausting.

I’ve come to a point now where I want to use the energy that I’m so willing to offer to others for myself. For months, I’d meditate and visualize a reality where the effort I put into everyone else, was redirected to me. I’d ask myself “what does that look like?” I’d then challenge myself to sit in what it felt like.

Initially, this exercise was very uncomfortable but as I continued to stick with it and looked a little deeper, that discomfortable turned into elation.  I realized that feeding myself first, was the only approach that allowed everyone else to eat and more specifically, EAT well. So I said to myself, I can work really hard, doing a bunch of stuff, get consistent busts of energy, and then eventually feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled or I can get super clear about what I want to do, what I need from other people, how I’ll use my energy and allow the Universe to get cooking.  (By the way, I can’t help the cooking references, I’m a chef and a die hard foodie, so that just comes with the package! 🙂 )

At any rate, my decision to redirect my energy to myself is becoming more of a practice than I anticipated – that saying “old habits die hard,” doesn’t exclude the ones that actually benefit you. So just like yoga, now I’ve added Project Feed Brandy to the daily list.

I encourage you to get clear about your focus in the coming weeks, surrender to the process, even if it doesn’t feel good, and trust that in time all things will make sense.

Also, I want to thank you for your support, encouragement, and excitement with Entrepreneur Meal Plan so far. I can’t believe this vision to create a space where entrepreneurs can rally, share, and EAT is starting to officially take shape. I invite you to join me on this emerging journey.

We are just getting started and I am so excited for all that I have in store and all that will be discovered along the way!

Cheers to the next chapter,

Founder, Entrepreneur Meal Plan

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